Archaeologists from Berlin in the Egyptian Desert

After more than a decade without research excavation in Egypt, renowned scientist Carl Bergen was now granted the hoped-for permit of excavation by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. This winter, five students of the Freie Universitšt Berlin will be conducting the first archaeological excavations in the village of Qarun (Fayyum).

"The Fayyum Oasis is situated in the heartland of the early Egyptian civilization and has been inhabitated as early as pharaoh Djoser's time, maybe even long before that," says anthropologist Peter Conrad, who will be leading the excavation on site. "We are a mere stone's throw from the oldest pyramids of the world. In view of our first surveys we are hoping to find a very early settlement and a lot of interesting findings that can tell us more about the life of the first Egyptians."

Among scientists, it is highly controversial, however, if Bergen will indeed find the expected settlement dating back to the Old Kingdom (2700-2200 B.C.) at Qarun. "The Qarun area just is no possibility for such an early town," explains professor Spatz, Egyptologist and specialist for the Old Kingdom.

It remains to be seen, if the scientist might not surprisingly discover...

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